Nokia’s Adventures in San Francisco w/Nisus

Heres a great little video Nokia did featuring Nisus and a handful of other SF creatives.

Nisus Wins 2012 RISE Electronic DJ Battle at Macworld

We are happy to announce that DJ Nisus is the winner of the 2012 RISE electronic DJ Battle and Bash, presented by Macworld 2012. The event took place at the Mezzanine in San Francisco on Friday January 27. Each DJ had 20 minutes to play a battle set. After each set a decibel meter read the crowd’s response, and then the guest DJ judges Ean Golden, Dani Deahl and DJ Solomon scored the performance on a scale of 1-10. In the end, Nisus came out on top with a whopping 104 db reading for the win.

Thanks to all the fans that came out to support and scream. Here is video recording of the set in it’s entirety. You can also download the mix here: http://on.fb.me/Ae9UHb

[youtube width=”590″ height=”350″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6ZQp3H6KeM&feature=g-all-u&context=G2acb655FAAAAAAAAAAA[/youtube]

Bad Shoes Records Releases Viva Tropical (Nisus Remix)

Bad Shoes Records has released Soccious’ Viva Tropical (Nisus Remix) on Beatport. The original kicks it’s shoes off and sticks it’s toes in the warm Miami sand while beats echo through palm forests and the rum rains down. Ghosts on Tape brings the track into a dark cove of a bonfire dance party while riding dolphins through space. The Nisus remix is a 108bpm tropical thunder storm of marimbas and bass, reminiscent of a drunken Caribbean moombah-rave. Pick it up at Beatport

Boys Noize and Nisus at Mezzanine Nov 26th 2011

Another amazing sold out night at Mezzanine with Boys Noize and Nisus.


Show Review of Crookers and Nisus at Mighty.

Here is a great review of the show with Crookers at Mighty

Kissy Sell Out plays Big Bad Wolf (Nisus reEdit) on BBC radio 1

Kissy Sell Out played the Nisus reEdit of Big Bad Wolf on Radio 1’s 24 hours in Ibiza special. Check out the track list

Kissy’s whole mix can be downloaded Here

Schmecno in Future Music Magazine

Nisus’s track Schmecno is in this month’s issue of Future Music magazine from the UK. They also put the track on their DVD. Thanks to everyone at Future Music!

Original Production “Schmecno” (video)

Video produced by Vizibelle

A live Binaural set for Treasure Island Music Festival


In this video I give a brief overview of how I set up for a live binaural dj set. I created this for the Silent Disco stage at Treasure Island Music Festival on October 17th 2010. The Silent Disco was a perfect place to use binaural panning since the Silent Disco is based on the participants using wireless headphones to hear the music. Binaural panning is the audio version of 3d. Using the Lemur I was able to move the sound around the psychoacoustic¬†space in realtime adding one more layer of mixing to my live set. It was really fun watching the dancers react to the changing sounds directly under my fingertips. Big smiles were everywhere on the dance floor. By the end of the set I had learned about adding reverb and panning at the right times to enhance the effects as well as when to keep things centered like during big drops. Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback and I can’t wait to do it again in the future. See you at Fake Blood!

Nisus at Treasure Island Music Festival

I am very excited to be playing the Treasure Island Music Festival Sunday October 17th. It’s a silent disco stage, meaning the audience is given headphones and are listening more closely to the tracks. Of course this means I won’t be relying on the bass to move the bodies. If you know me you know I won’t be playing mash ups or any 80’s classics…..soooo….

Nisus Wins Outside Lands Remix Contest

So I won the Outside Lands remix contest!!! With my Gogol Bordello remix. As a prize I will be playing a set at the festival. I’ll see you guys there.

Gogol Bordello – Transcontinental Hustle (Nisus Remix)

Gogol Bordello – “Transcontential Hustle (Nisus Remix)” by Nisus

Works It

Works it by Nisus
Here’s a track I just finished, the sound of the analog hardware is really starting to emerge and I am learning what it needs pon the production side to bring out it’s highlights. Can’t wait to start the next one. If you want to support my efforts this track is available for sale by Clicking HERE

Caribou “Odessa (Nisus Bootleg)”

Caribou “Odessa (Nisus Bootleg)” by Nisus

M.I.A. “Steppin Up (Nisus Blackflag Refork)”

HARD LA – M.I.A – Steppin’ Up (NISUS Blackflag refork) by Nisus

Just finished this remix for the Hard LA contest, click the lil heart icons in the player to vote for it on soundcloud. Or you can download it for free using the the arrow icon in the player. Werd!

Scionify w/Gaslamp Killer and Craze

Nisus and Boys Noize at Mighty

Best Night EVER!!!! I got to play a 3.5 hour set for a sold out Mighty SF with Boys Noize. Steve Aoki and LA Riots were on the stage for the end of my set and the beginning of Boys Noize. It started out as a secret guest show and ended up being mental. The scene was fired up! I can’t wait for the next one. Thank you to everyone that came out and danced harder than I have ever seen. Thank you to Mighty for being the best club ever and Thank You to Blasthaus for making it all happen. Love you guys. – Nisus

The Twelves

Closed the night on the main stage at a sold out Mighty

Bloody Beetroots!

Blang Blang I am playing a show with the Beetroots!!!


Coachella was so fun I didn’t take off my artist bracelet for a week afterward. It was like an 8th grade field trip to the waterslides with all your friends. Last year as you might have heard, I popped up on a side stage in the Heineken dome and played a set unannounced. Instead of being pissed they asked me to return this year… (more…)

Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit and Nisus

Nisus banging a sold out Mezzanine

March 12th was quite a night. After sound check at the Mezzanine, Boy 8 bit, Fake Blood, the Blasthaus crew and I headed out for sushi, boatloads of sushi. Then we bounced back to the Mezz. By around 10pm the venue was filling in, by 11pm it was packed! Boy 8 Bit played a solid set that was a perfect opener for the auditory wonders Fake Blood followed with. It was so nice to have some actual Djing going down on stage again with so many Ableton clone sets making the rounds. The crowd was feeling the flow and the security was busy pulling the bodies off of the Funktion One stacks and down from the hanging highs. At 2am it was my turn at the mixer. Following two of my hero’s was an intense experience. As soon as I stepped up to the decks I focused on rocking it as hard as possible and soon enough my mind was lost in the flow of the mix. It felt good. I could tell the audience was feeling it and I just kept leaning on the bass till I could tell the system was at its limits. It was’nt til the next day when I saw Chris Brennan’s video from upstairs that I realized how incredible the night was. All around success. Huge THANK you to Blasthaus, Mezzanine, Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Sleazemore for making it all possible. -Nisus

Link to the podcast of my set that night http://tinyurl.com/c26odt


Miike Snow “Animal (Nisus Bootleg)”

Animal (Nisus Remix) by djnisus

So I woke up inspired, the morning of my show at Mighty with Boys Noize. I felt like i had to finish this track. I had ripped and eq’d the vocals a while ago along with sending audio to score in logic and creating the midi notes for the main loop. That morning I sat at my synth and pulled out the wobble line. I spent the rest of the day editing and getting as much done on it as I could. I ran it through a quick mastering and burned it to cd. I put it in the cd player in my car and drove to pick up Alex (Boys Noize) for dinner before the show. While we were driving Alex mentioned that the clap was a little thin and suggested that I should add a rimshot to fill it in. After dinner I went home and adjusted a few settings on the multipressor added the rimshot and re bounced the track.

Noob & Brodinski “Peanuts” (Nisus remix)

Peanuts (Nisus Remix) by djnisus

This is my newest work. Its a track for a Turbo Recordings remix contest. Check it out, you can leave comments right on the track. Love it.