A live Binaural set for Treasure Island Music Festival


In this video I give a brief overview of how I set up for a live binaural dj set. I created this for the Silent Disco stage at Treasure Island Music Festival on October 17th 2010. The Silent Disco was a perfect place to use binaural panning since the Silent Disco is based on the participants using wireless headphones to hear the music. Binaural panning is the audio version of 3d. Using the Lemur I was able to move the sound around the psychoacoustic¬†space in realtime adding one more layer of mixing to my live set. It was really fun watching the dancers react to the changing sounds directly under my fingertips. Big smiles were everywhere on the dance floor. By the end of the set I had learned about adding reverb and panning at the right times to enhance the effects as well as when to keep things centered like during big drops. Thanks to everyone for the amazing feedback and I can’t wait to do it again in the future. See you at Fake Blood!

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