Coachella was so fun I didn’t take off my artist bracelet for a week afterward. It was like an 8th grade field trip to the waterslides with all your friends. Last year as you might have heard, I popped up on a side stage in the Heineken dome and played a set unannounced. Instead of being pissed they asked me to return this year…
We got into Indio late on Friday night just in time to get our artist bracelets but I missed a lot of my favorite acts in the line up. I did happen to run into Erol Alkan whom I had just met on Wed and he remembered my set time on Sat saying he would come check it out!

Woke up early on Sat ate breakfast with the homies drank some Mimosas and put the final touches on my set. “Artist” bracelets are like diplomatic immunity at Coachella. We could go literally anywhere backstage and enjoy the service of golf cart chauffeurs and catering on the way. Golden! I got to the dome just to the right of the main stage 30 min before to set up and get ready. The dome audience was kinda sparse but the system was Bumping with a capital “B”. I cranked the bass and prepared for take off. Vizibelle had set up and was doing her visuals thing in a crazy 180 degree environment, wicked.

By the third track the dome started to fill in, by the fourth it was a party. 30 minutes into the set the place was packed and the CDJs were being bounced off of the mixing desk by the bass. Sometimes when things align it makes me cry. I looked over and saw Carmen on the visuals, my friends were there, the system was kicking ass and the awesome response I was getting from the crowd just was overwhelming. I was totally immersed in the reason I DJ, lost in the movement of the moment. Fuck yeah! The Heineken Ceo’s were there for my set and the guys in charge of the dome were amped. I can’t wait for next year!

For the rest of the festival I was bathed in the glow from that set, everything just felt sooo good. Damn I’m happy. Thank You so much Coachella and Heineken and everyone that came out for that very special set!

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