Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit and Nisus

Nisus banging a sold out Mezzanine

March 12th was quite a night. After sound check at the Mezzanine, Boy 8 bit, Fake Blood, the Blasthaus crew and I headed out for sushi, boatloads of sushi. Then we bounced back to the Mezz. By around 10pm the venue was filling in, by 11pm it was packed! Boy 8 Bit played a solid set that was a perfect opener for the auditory wonders Fake Blood followed with. It was so nice to have some actual Djing going down on stage again with so many Ableton clone sets making the rounds. The crowd was feeling the flow and the security was busy pulling the bodies off of the Funktion One stacks and down from the hanging highs. At 2am it was my turn at the mixer. Following two of my hero’s was an intense experience. As soon as I stepped up to the decks I focused on rocking it as hard as possible and soon enough my mind was lost in the flow of the mix. It felt good. I could tell the audience was feeling it and I just kept leaning on the bass till I could tell the system was at its limits. It was’nt til the next day when I saw Chris Brennan’s video from upstairs that I realized how incredible the night was. All around success. Huge THANK you to Blasthaus, Mezzanine, Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit, Sleazemore for making it all possible. -Nisus

Link to the podcast of my set that night http://tinyurl.com/c26odt

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