Miike Snow “Animal (Nisus Bootleg)”

Animal (Nisus Remix) by djnisus

So I woke up inspired, the morning of my show at Mighty with Boys Noize. I felt like i had to finish this track. I had ripped and eq’d the vocals a while ago along with sending audio to score in logic and creating the midi notes for the main loop. That morning I sat at my synth and pulled out the wobble line. I spent the rest of the day editing and getting as much done on it as I could. I ran it through a quick mastering and burned it to cd. I put it in the cd player in my car and drove to pick up Alex (Boys Noize) for dinner before the show. While we were driving Alex mentioned that the clap was a little thin and suggested that I should add a rimshot to fill it in. After dinner I went home and adjusted a few settings on the multipressor added the rimshot and re bounced the track.

I got to Mighty at about 9:30 cause I wanted to hang out with everyone that showed up early and to catch Sleazemore’s awesome set. At 11pm I went on to a completely sold out room. There was still a line of people outside the building waiting to get in. From there I just went into music performance mode. Time pretty much accelerates and stops at the same time. I get so lost in the sound and the movement I forget everything and just flow. I really love Djing for just that reason. There were moments when tracks would break down and then build and build and build and I could feel the intensity in the room rising and peoples hands would be in the air flickering in the strobe light like a sea of grass reaching for the surface of a sweaty ocean. In the moments before the bass would drop It felt like there might be a riot coming. Swell after swell, breaks that I usually pass over in the set became like life preservers that would let every one catch their breath before the next wave of bass. The explosions on the system at Mighty are intense. That sound system is literally 15 ft high on four corners of the room. Its massive but so friendly. The floor was so packed that everyone could only bounce. Carmen was dong a beautiful job with the visuals that we had been working on together for the last few days.

Before I knew it Boys Noize was on stage and getting ready for his incredible set. I had one more track to drop. Miike Snow’s animal. The one I had just finished that evening. The two tracks before were meant to start bringing the whole show out of orbit so Boys Noize would have a good place to start. The intro to this track is pretty unique and filled a lot of sound space in the mix. It felt like things were building back up. When the first rolling synth sound came in it was just a whole nother beast. The bass was enormous and the pause after the glitchy vocal intro worked. As soon as the vocals dropped and everyone recognized the song hundreds of people starting singing along. I looked down and saw this girl look like she was gonna start crying. I think I just fucked up her favorite song. I looped the outro and Boys Noize mixed right out of it. One of the most epic nights I’ve ever had. That’s the story of this track. Here are the photos that Al took of the night up on stage with us.

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