We are coming for your integrity!!!

Meanwhile in ohio.
OMGLOL!!! on the 10th of may was really one of the most fun sets ever. I have never heard anyone scream so loud at the end of the set before. That basement is ready to go off. People just need to get in there. Its super hard to explain how dope it is because everyone says that their shit is the awesomest, but really LASERBASS!!! Its like we have a helicopter in there.

That leads me to the thought I had about comparing DJing to other arts like writing. Just because I know how to write doesn’t make me a writer. Just because you have the software to mix tracks together does not make you a DJ. Nor does having Illustrator on your computer make you a graphic designer. True with paints and cameras and instruments. Well then, what is it that makes us what we are? The answer is in how the act of creation shapes us. The tools are not what’s important. If you take the brush away from the painter he is still a painter and will continue to be, because he thinks in paint. The world that he perceives is through the lens of painting. His clothes are covered in paint and his style is a functional response to his working environment. True for every artist. This is what separates artists from hipsters(another conversation). Its like a level of truth closer to selfhood that came from the expression of an individual’s art. But in truthfully creating art you put a part of your self aside in order to give that art somewhere to live within you. You become your expression of yourself through creation.

Djing is more than just playing other peoples music. I am not a keyboardist or a drummer, Although I could hack my way through those things its better to leave them to people who use them as their expressions of self. I am a purveyor of sonic culture. My goal is create a space using sound that moves you into another headspace. Its kinda like an amusement park. The illusion there is that its dangerous and therefore thrilling. The perception I would like to create is that this is a place to get out of your mind through the experience of music. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? I like to play music that feels like a rollercoaster, or like a rocket being launched into space , or a monster truck rally. I love to use music as the invisible walls of a bounce house. This is in contrast to many other “DJs” I see in the process of going out.

In many cases the DJ has become a warm bodied jukebox. Lame! A human Ipod? Fuck that. But this is how so many DJs act and how so many spaces treat the DJ. Like background music for something else going on. Im sure people leave the night not realizing how much the music affected them. Because it s an invisible creation its hard to quantify how important a good DJ is. When you wake up the next morning and feel great its not usually the music you first think of. Often its the people you were with and that you had fun in spite of the shitty DJ. I know, I feel the same way a lot.

Being a great DJ has nothing to do with genre. A great DJ can find the gems in the crate because its how they perceive the world. Its how they see everything around them. The question moves from third circuit logic, past fourth circuit social connection to the fifth circuit hedonistic feel good space. How does this track make me and my peers on the dance floor feel? Does it move us? If not, fucking stop playing it. You are not a payola record/radio cocksucker are you. Or are you? Why are you doing what you are doing? Why are you calling yourself a “DJ” Answering honestly is what leads you towards becoming an artist rather than a douchebag hipster. It makes for a better scene when things are correctly and honestly represented (im not talking about your haircut). Hiding behind the postmodern shield of “its art” will not defend your shittyness forever. We are coming for your integrity, be ready.

The photo above is the first image that comes up when you type “shitty dj” into google. Sorry Dude. Its a classic photo though. And I had to look closely to make sure it wasn’t a venue I’m intimately familiar with. Ohhh Awesome how do I miss the Villa? Not at all! :) I do miss the joke, “put your stab vest on” before going out to play though. Im so glad its funny now.

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