Dolores Park on fire!!!

The best day I’ve had in San Francisco since I moved here a year ago took place in Dolores park Sunday. Playing a set with amazing DJs for a lawn full of people on the Bangalord was a buzz I’m still recovering from. The weather has been amazing here, actually hot enough to break a sweat. When that happens SF blows open and people flood into the parks. White Mike and I did this last time the weather got nice. No plans, just keeping an eye on the weather and jumping as soon as it looks good. Mike went and got the generator and I loaded up the system. When we arrived at the park it was obvious that this was the spot to be in the city. It was like a fantastic garden full of beautiful shining faces.

It turned out that a crew of other Djs had the same idea and arrived at the same time. They were unloading the generator as we were unloading the sound system. It was clear that morphogenetic fields were at work and it was a natural solution to collaborate. When this kind of confluence occurs its a magical event that rings so loudly it resonates to the depths of our humanity. Its pretty much one of the best things that we can do as humans. Un-mediated collaboration, its what I live for as a DJ and a human being. Its impossible to plan this sort of thing. The planning itself destroys a little bit of the emergence of novelty. Novelty is so precious these days, its like cultural platinum.

So we set up, powered up the system and set to rocking the park. One major point among the Djs was how impressed we were with how well we all got along. Djs on a system could be like cats in a bag, except when they are all confident with their skills. Then its like a pride of lions chillin in the park getting each other’s backs and sessioning to attract the ears of the female lions :) What an amazing crew. Every single artist was able to keep up with the others and keep the whole place elevated. The energy just kept rising through out the day. The culmination for me was Dj Aspect’s set. Check out his Wandering Star remix. He was the only Dj not playing vinyl and unfortunately we couldn’t get Serato to work. It worked at OMGLOL!!! for Matt Heagen but not in Reno and not this time. But with no attitude he just blew it off and was was like “whateva it’s cool” He waits all day and goes on last at 7pm. He has one piece of vinyl and out of the crowd comes Kid Beyond beatboxing on the mic. What happens is truly the stuff of legend.

Everyone in the park had been listening to music all day and as the sun was setting the fog came rolling in over the hills. The steeple of church on the corner across from the park was the only thing tall enough to still catch the fading light of the descending sun. The people who gathered around the sound system were there because they refused to stop dancing until either the rapture or divine intervention drove them away. Aspect stepped up, introduced by Kid Beyond and proceeded to rip the park to pieces. They started doing a call a response with Beyond beatboxing a phrase and Aspect matching it with his hands. The beats were so good!!! Anyone left in the park came running over to see what was going on and to start cheering and dancing. The two of them just kept pushing each other to get more and more complex while sticking to super fresh rhythms. People were loosing it. I was losing it. Shit was manic. It was one of those rare moments that the trinity (DJ,audience,soundsystem) aligns and the event goes into space. And as always when we get that close something collapses. These two guys lost themselves in the performance and took us with them. But for whatever reason as has happened to me in the past on different systems, the sound system just stopped. It was like a hole was torn in heaven. The Bangalord was defeated and the people cried. Maybe the generator burped or someone tripped on the power, I don’t know. But it was an epic ending. We were done. There was nothing left to do at Dolores park that day. The party had been taken as far as we would be allowed to that day.

Sunday was a shinning example of why DJing is what I want to do with my life. All the suffering of poverty and ego death and hunger didn’t matter in that space. That was it. That is what needs to be done every time. Congratulations to everyone that got to experience it. Thanks to everyone that made it happen! Nisus

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