Nisus in the Matrix


Why would I continue to subject myself to playing venues that are outside of my genre? Because they are outside of my genre, silly. And genres’ are silly. I really believe that great music is great music. DJing is all about exposing these great new sounds to people that wouldn’t have had a chance to hear them otherwise. Playing The Matrix was the most perfect example yet.

If you’ve never been to The Matrix, imagine a really modern space with a black gravel fireplace and huge floor to ceiling windows on the front. Its like an expensive living room that happens to have a bar. The DJ booth at the back is on a curved stage and really the Fung Shewweee is pretty good. Its got a nice vibe. Now take this nice feeling space and fill it with a truckload of Guidos from the shores of Jersey. Striped shirts with popped collars wrapping muscley dudes talking about their popped collars. I didn’t just make that up to be funny there really were dudes talking about their popped collars. Of course these guys wouldn’t be complete without model trophy plasticine used to be strippers to piss off their rich parents accessory girl versions of themselves, still following? En mass. My favorites were the super geeky ultra rich donkey lopers making out with the hottest girls in SF. The irony delighted me to no end. I really wanted to talk to the long haired kid in the T shirt and trench coat. He seemed wonderfully out of place. Actually I know now how it must feel to be on the outside looking in at Burning Man peeps. “Whoa weird people, where did they come from?” Its kinda like that. Totally surreal, its as if the TV had become a reality. The Matrix is a perfect name for this place. “In the Matrix some rules can be bent, others broken” And thats what happened.

I fired up the Bangalord and buttered out the bass. Threw Scott on the BBQ to test the waters and hide from any incoming just emptied cognac glasses. People started arriving and the place filled up. The energy rose and I could feel the bass reverberating the huge front windows. Pretty awesome, I really fucking love that system. I was watching the door to get a head count of the number of Vinnies that left. I think there were a few but it was hard to tell with all the people coming in who was leaving if anyone. Scott’s set crushed it, he has a great ear for music and the laptop saves his ass while mixing. After about an hour warm up and no Blues Brothers roadhouse broken bottles, I kicked the set into hyperspace and the crowd came with me. I was amazed that the place was congealing so well. The dance floor filled in and people at the bar turned to face me to watch the explosion of energy I was unleashing. Pretty stoked. This really was a text book example of what I try to do with my sound. I love to get people who have never heard this music to get on the train and smash down the walls that separate them from losing their shit on the dance floor.

As 2am rolled around I wanted nothing more than to keep barreling through banger after banger. The staff was stoked and as the last track faded people started applauding. I threw my hands in the air and yelled with them. This is how a night should be. In jaded SF where everyone has seen everything this felt like a proper good time. The bartenders told me that I was the only DJ they had ever seen receive applause at that place. That felt good.

When I returned the next day to collect my check and talk to the manager who was sick and had to leave that night. I asked him if the feed back was good. He paused and then half said, ” I heard it was loud” Did you get any noise complaints? “No” Huh? Well when do you want to do it again?…….”Uh well were pretty booked for the next few months and……….” I was dumbfounded, I just tore the fuck out of his little bar and he was blowing me off.. I don’t understand. Whats the problem? I left feeling sick and frustrated. What do I have to do around here? I play my fucking heart out and still get nothing? Typical. It turns out that he is a Dj trying to make a name for himself by booking himself. Whatever.. Enjoy your Stevie Wonder bitches.

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