Nisus at the W NYE

Nisus at the W

Wow, what a fun night! This was for sure the best NYE I’ve had in forever. My best friends from around the country were there. New friends from around the bay were there. My goal of playing at this venue was met and I brought a lot of new music to people who were literally asking for Britney Spears. I explained to people that we were doing something a little different tonight. Playing an international set for an international venue. People seemed genuinely interested in the new sound and showed their love by bouncing all night long. At midnight I did a count down and dropped the Guns and Bombs remix of Gossip’s Yr Mangled Heart. The lyrics ” I don’t want the world, I just want what I deserve” echoed in 2008. This is gonna be an awesome year!

The path that led to the W has been the idea that money can be a huge insulating bubble for the people that have it. On my other blog I have written about the dynamics of experience using sound waves as a metaphor. Essentially  money is a mediating factor for the amplitude of experience. It can be used to amplify or dampen experiences. Often money insulates by convenience. Its convenient to spend money on mediated experiences rather than put the effort into self guided journeys which take time to invent and time to reflect on the lessons learned through the experience. Money can be used to enhance the journey as has been the case for Richard Branson. But for many people the price gets confused with the value of the experience. I call this the Salmon Polo theory. A $280 dollar salmon polo shirt is still kinda ugly even if it is expensive.

Djing is all about bringing good music to the surface. The scope of a Dj’s contribution to the art correlates to the depth of their musical awareness and their ability to string meaning through out a set of diverse but similar songs. The Audience is one third of the Holy Trinity of my job. Connecting with the audience at the W was a goal to “bridge the gap” or pop the bubble using music as a vehicle to connect with people who might otherwise be underexposed to the breadth of awesome new music in the world. They are also a key audience because of their potential planetary impact through the leverage of finance applied to the real world. A broader awareness is better. Knowledge of world beyond Britney Spears is crucial for everyone, especially those who have the capital to make changes in areas where capital can help. This is basically what led me intuitively toward playing at the W. Music is the source of my inspiration and the path I am following. Hopefully, doing no harm and just by my presence changing the context of the scene. Thanks to everyone who came out to make this one of my best nights so far. I look forward to so many more. Apologies to anyone who couldn’t afford the door price. This is the nature of what I do. I hope you understand and know that the next set I play I’m playing for you guys. D

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