The artistic pursuit of Djing as an expression of community

lincoln-cathedral00.jpgDjing as an art is a matter of scale. A three hour set is the equivalent of one five minute song. Each record is like a single note in a songs composition. Rather than sampling one note or phrase, a whole song is played. My focus is the resolution of frequency, clarity of expression and application of intent throughout an entire set. The greatest thing about Djing is that by playing other people’s songs I acknowledge the value in bringing together musicians from around the world. The set becomes a stage for all of these other people’s artistic voices. It makes me feel more unified and alive within a community. It also sets aside my ego as the creator of “value”. My personal value as a DJ then becomes that of a selector or curator of a world of voices. Coming to one of my shows is like going to an art gallery. The resolution of the sound system that I play on becomes of utmost importance. The sound is the lighting in the gallery. Dark, muddy, dull sound keeps the beauty of the artist’s vision from being communicated. Its in everyones interest to keep the systems in repair and tuned for the broadest transmission of frequency.

I would like to start producing but not from the American individualist as power icon perspective. More as a statement of thanks to the community from which I benefit tremendously.

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