The M.A.P. Project Music, Architecture, Politics coming together

group-of-dance-stacks-l.jpgI have been busy putting together tracks for the next mix, have shows every week for the next month and Im starring in another short film by the cinematographer that did Wheeler. Really though my thoughts have been focused on how to bring Djing to the next phase. I want it to be more than just here and there. It has become the job that I love and I want to do it to the highest level I can. I have a couple of ideas.The M.A.P. project is one. Its a festival of Music, Architecture, and Politics. Using sustainable, low impact, modular buildings as venues that create a village like feeling during the day and an unusual setting for a club in the evening. I would love to have the whole thing function like an environmentally aware circuit that plugs into an alternative vision of what could be achieved by humans in the current light of global change. Like a living history museum of the future. Not all rocket ships and space, but the changing face of urban culture in a future without oil and battling to save itself from global warming. Kinda like a futurist fair. I want it to be uplifting in its recognition of community as a foreseeable evolutionary strategy. These times we are living in now are unique and should be studied in the future as a memory of what happens when our needs are met. Though I feel like we are still animals on a plain scavenging for food, albeit in a new form. So its main focus would be to examine, through the eyes of the future where we are in evolution right now. Then to offer a compelling view of the future and the road map to getting there. All while bringing people into a comfortable space to share ideas, dance and experience a future designed by the people of the present. Its a long shot since I have no real connections to Architecture and Politics but I figure that it must be similar to booking Djs. I just need a good reason, and a plan to pay back the Funktion One sound system pictured above. Thats what I really want. Then a tour of some sort. I love traveling. I have set this idea up on itsĀ  a project planning site thats pretty cool. Check it out and toss some solutions into the game. D

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