Djing at the Nexus Hay Maze was more than playing records

524919354_b25993c5d6.jpgFor me, djing is far more than playing records. I have chosen this as my vehicle for the expansion of my inquiry into the spiritual heritage of mankind (Djing is evoltech). In this, I am my own test subject. To the machine world, sound is like love, the effects on us are unprovable by any rational explanation. Why and how do these affect us so deeply? What is possible in the pursuit of these expressions? I have within me the feeling of my highest expression. My larval state of being is one phase of my total evolution. Enlightenment from this state and the transition to the next is like a move into adult hood, natural and unavoidable. It is appearing to me though that there are forces at work attempting for good or bad to keep us in the larval state. Whether it is to protect us from ourselves or to protect them from us remains to be seen. Either way I am finding that if you push too far too fast you get to feel the push back of the universe correcting you. Yet there is nothing I am willing to do other than progress, it has become my life.

For so long now we have been attempting to tell ourselves that this visible world is the only reality while our intuition tells us otherwise. This has become very apparent when Djing. When I play I am not there to have the audience listen with their ears. It really doesn’t matter what records I play, it matters what is contained within those records. The metadata is the sound within. The way I pick records is to listen to the metadata. Its a form of meditation. I listen with my soul instead of my ears. The records that resonate with my soul are expressions of my current embodiment. In building a set I try to put together a harmonic resonance that builds a reflection of that vision within me of my highest self. This is makes me a unique Dj. Its the same thing that famous jazz musicians and painters know. Its a universal understanding among artists who are able to set aside the personality ego and flow the light they find in themselves through the expression of their art. The production of this in the tangible world functions as a mirror and reminds everyone that views it of their own internal resonance. This is what is revolutionary about playing music. If people quit doing the machine world’s work and followed their own internal compass, the power would be reclaimed and the world elevated. Obviously the process is more complex than quitting your job and watching TV all day. Here is why I feel that it is so important to be Djing though. As a reminder. If I can lose myself in the process of becoming and people can see me do that they will remember within themselves their purpose. To live and grow and love and evolve. The rest is just icing. As we get older we learn that we can’t live on icing.

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